Looking for a all natural product that will hold provide your curls and coils a sweet soft hold? Look no further! Our moisturizing pomades is the styling paste you are looking for. Whether you are relaxed, natural, coiled or kinked; our pomades are just what you need!

Infused with aloe vera gel and mango butter ; we used an all natural derivative of beeswax that will not leave the build but will give you the hold. It also features flax-seed oil which is known for its soft holding properties.

Our 2 oz pomades come in two varieties:
Blackberry Molasses - featuring berry extracts known for giving hair products a boost by providing hair growth in addition to the oils and ingredients in the base

Honey Almond Marmalade - featuring extracts from pure honey known for providing luster and even preventing hair loss

Great for twists, locs and producing waves!
Men love our pomades!

Moisturizing Pomades

  • Key Ingredients: Mango Butter, Aloethix, Cera Bellina, Almond Oil (Honey Almond) or Avacado Oil (Blackberry Molasses), Coconut Oil, Honeyquat (Honey Almond) or Blackberry Extract (Blackberry Molasses), Fragrance

  • This formulation like all or our products contains natural oils.  

    When exposed to high temperatures for extended periods of time like in shipment during warm months, products may change texture.  Please allow product to return to room temperature to retain its orginal texture and viscosity.